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tom and jerry

Tom is ignoring jerry for once!! But it is kind of unfair that jerry gets a wall to live in but Tom, who is like 10 times larger than jerry, has to live in a basket 10 times smaller than jerry’s home. Continue reading →

Learn Jana Gana Mana on keyboard (Piano)

Jana Gana Mana Piano recording of Yash [UPDATE: See the new video here] Jana Gana Mana (Song Notes) Jana      Gana    Mana       Adhinayak Sa Re   Ga Ga   Ga Ga   Ga Ga Ga-Ga Ga Jaya      He Ra Ga    Ma Bharata       Bhagya       Vidhata Ga Ga Ga     Re Re Re    Ni Re Sa Punjab        Sindhu       Gujarat                 Maratha Sa  Pa Pa […] Continue reading →