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Solar eclipse

A drawing of a solar eclipse

The table of solar eclipses from 2005-25

Date                   Type of eclipse             Visibility path

2005            Apr 8       Annular,Total               Pacific, Panama, Venezuela

2005            Oct 3       Annular                        Atlantic, Spain, Libya, Indian Ocean

2006            Mar 23     Total Atlantic, Libya, Turkey, Russia

2006            Sep 22 Annular Guyana, Atlantic, Indian Ocean

2008            Feb 7 Annular Antarctic

2008            Aug 1 Total Arctic, Siberia, China

2009            Jan 26 Annular S Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Borneo

2009            Jul 22 Total India, China, Pacific

2010            Jan 15 Annular Africa, Indian Ocean, China

2010            Jul 11 Total Pacific, S Chile

2012            May 20–21 Annular China, N Pacific, N America

2012            Nov 13 Total N Australia, Pacific

2013            May 9–10 Annular Australia, Pacific

2013            Nov 3 Total Atlantic, central Africa, Ethiopia

2015            Mar 20 Total N Atlantic, Arctic

2016            Mar 9 Total Indonesia, Pacific

2016            Sep 1 Annular Atlantic, Africa, Madagascar, Indian Ocean

2017            Feb 26 Annular Pacific, S America, Atlantic, Africa

2017            Aug 21 Total Pacific, N America, Atlantic

2019            Jul 2 Total Pacific, S America

2019            Dec 26 Annular Middle East, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Pacific

2020            Jun 21 Annular Africa, Middle East, China, Pacific

2020            Dec 14 Total S Pacific, S America, S Atlantic

2021            Jun 10 Annular Canada, Greenland, Russia

2021            Dec 4 Total Antarctic

2023            Apr 20 Total Indonesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea

2023            Oct 14 Annular N America, Central America,Colombia,Brazil

2024            Apr 8 Total Mexico, N America

2024            Oct 2 Annular Chile, Argentina

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