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Updated Dominos Sheet

NOTE : The old version of the dominos sheet shows the wrong prices.All people who have downloaded it please download the new version . Please refer here for description about the old version.

What’s New:

  1. New and correct prices
  2. New pizzas , sides , etc.

Bug fixes:

  1. 20% discount only for orders above Rs.350


<Updated Dominos sheet>

Click on the link to download dominos sheet version 1.0.2

Dominos 20 Percent discount order sheet by yash

Dominos is offering 20% discount on Pizza, Breads, Pasta, cakes and more.

You can download my spreadsheet and plan your party pizza bill.

This will automatically calculate the 20% discount and 12.5% VAT for you.

Prices of all the Domino Veg and Non Veg Pizzas, Breads, Pastas and Beverages are already added to this spreadsheet. You can easily estimate your party cost in few seconds and place order online.

Notice: Veg and Non Veg combos and toppings are excluded in this sheet.

Download and Take  “Khushiyon Ki Home Delivery” 🙂

<<< Dominos-20percent_discount_order_sheet.xlsx  >>>

Dominos 20% Discount Order sheet