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Chess language translation

Chess has its own language. If you don’t believe it I will give you the translation

The 123 are ranks and the abc are files
and If we choose a square like the one with the white queen we can easily see it is on the first rank of the d file so we say the queen is on d1









!=Good Move

?=Bad Move

(D)=Diagram Follows


Learn Jana Gana Mana on keyboard (Piano)

Jana Gana Mana Piano recording of Yash

[UPDATE: See the new video here]

Jana Gana Mana (Song Notes)

Jana      Gana    Mana       Adhinayak

Sa Re   Ga Ga   Ga Ga   Ga Ga Ga-Ga Ga

Jaya      He

Ra Ga    Ma

Bharata       Bhagya       Vidhata

Ga Ga Ga     Re Re Re    Ni Re Sa

Punjab        Sindhu       Gujarat                 Maratha

Sa  Pa Pa    Pa Pa        Pa Pa Pa Pa          Pa-Pa Dh Ma

Dravid              Utkal            Vanga

Ma Ma Ma      Ma Ma Ma      Re Ma Ga

Vindhya    Himachal           Yamuna      Ganga

Ga Ga       Ga -Ga Ga Re     Pa Pa Pa     Ga Ga

Utchala      Jaladhi         Taranga

Ga Ga Ga    Re Re Re     Re Ni Re Sa

Tav           Subha    Namey        Jaagey

Sa Re         Ga Ga Ga Ga       Re Ga Ma

Tav        Subha       Ashish          Maage

Ga Ma    Pa Pa      Pa Ma Ga      Re Ma Ga

Gahe    Tava      Jaya           Gatha

Ga Ga   Re Re    Re Re         Ni Re Sa

Jana    Gana   Mangal        Dayak

Sa Re  Pa Pa   Pa-Pa Pa Pa- Pa Dh Ma

Jay        he

pa  Dha Ma

Bharata     Bhagya         Vidhata

Ma Ma Ma  Ma Ma Ma     Ga Re Ma Ga

Jay he          Jay he             Jay he

Ne Ne Sa      Dha Dha Ne   Pa Pa Dha

Jay       Jay        Jay       Jay He

Sa Sa    Re Re    Ga Ga   Re Ga Ma