Indiblogger Event|Nokia Apptasting at Taj Land’s End

chef vikas and Rajiv Makhni

Note: A warm welcome from  the parents of Yash!
For our son, Yash. his blog is a medium of expressing his thoughts and likes. We usually never moderate or edit what he writes. Though his writing skills are improving with time, but still this blog post was edited by us (Yash’s parents). The thoughts are his but we have just rephrased some sentences, fixed some grammatical errors and guided him to express himself in  a bit better way, all coz this post is supposed to be read by the hosts of the event . We hope you will enjoy reading about the event with a perspective of a 10 year  old enthusiastic guy !
Many Thanks!

Over to Yash…………

After a lot of planning and cancellations, re-planning and re-cancellations we were finally getting ready to attend the most awaited Indiblogger meet at Taj Land’s end for NokiaApptasting event!
Mom, being a food blogger was excited to meet her favorite Chef, Mr. Vikas Khanna, and Papa being a hard core techie, was looking forward to meet Tech Guru, Rajiv Makhni. I was simply thrilled to attend my first ever Indiblogger meet and to visit the beautiful Hotel too πŸ˜‰
After a lot of traveling we finally reached the venue and I almost froze for a moment. TLE was gorgeous to say the least! The spacious lounge and the beautiful interiors were spectacular. We went to the basement where the event was to be hosted and even before we reach the hall, we met Chef Vikas. I had watched him on Tv before in Masterchef India but meeting him in person was so thrilling. BTW he recognized my mother and met with us with so much of warmth, in sweet and polite way and that made me so happy!
It was time to enter the hall (which was dark enough for me to feel bit scared) me, and both of my parents (who happen to be bloggers..yes we are a Blogger family) signed in for the event. There were many tables around and we managed to get seat not far from the stage. I was just waiting for the event to begin!
Soon the Indiblogger team came towards the stage and with some group gestures of ‘Hurr Hurrr’ invited Ms Poonam Kaul Country Head, at Nokia India . She gave some introduction about the Nokia and about how the event will proceed and then called upon the stage, the two handsome hosts of the evening, Chef Vikas Khanna and Mr Rajiv Makhni!

chef vikas and Rajiv Makhni

Pic Courtesy Indiblogger
They proceeded with some funny jokes and PJs and shared with us some facts about Nokia and its Apps. I was trying to understand what they were saying while stuffing my mouth with the frequently served snacks! The hosts began with some introductions by Bloggers and each one had to choose if he/she belongs to techie side (Rajiv sir) or Foodie side (Chef Vikas) and the witty ones went away with prizes. I didn’t got a chance to go upstage though I raised my hand when the hosts asked about the youngest bloggers present on the venue.

Then he also demonstrated how to make a silent short movie using  Silent Film Director app. For this, witty Rajiv asked Chef Vikas to do a cat walk with two ladies. It was fun watching a Charlie Chaplin type of movie . The movie was made and processed in a jiffy and all the three ‘Models’ were very sporting to laugh over it!.

Chef vikas khanna doing catwalkChef Vikas doing catwalk or Robotic walk?? Pic Courtesy Indiblogger!

The event went ahead and the hosts called upon some Techie bloggers and then the foodie bloggers on stage to participate in a ‘technique learning’ round. The Chef Vikas demonstrated how to chop onions easily. He shared some tips too (like refrigerating onions before chopping will make you ‘cry’ less). The winners were chosen based on how closely the technique was followed and how evenly the onions were chopped.

Mr Rajiv demonstrated this App which I think is very very useful while taking a group shot. The App known as Smart Group Shot, as per Nokia is ;

An App to make it easy to capture great group shots with just one attempt. Five images are captured in quick succession with a single press of the camera button. Advanced algorithms then detect the faces, and the β€˜best’ face for each person is automatically selected and the images combined into a single β€˜best’ shot. You can select an alternative face for each detected face, which is useful if, for example, you’d like to have everyone looking at each other.

Amongst all this, Mr Rajiv kept en lighting us with some good Apps available on Nokia; like the ‘City lens’ that helps you to locate places near you no matter where you are.
Next came the Quiz…four pairs were chosen (Each pair made of a techie and a foodie) and the quiz was divided into four rounds. Each team was asked questions related to technology and food, turn by turn..finally the fourth round of ‘blind fold soup tasting’ was a deciding round and the winner team got a Nokia Lumia that was too good!

blind tasting nokia apptasting eventBlind Tasting Round! Pic Courtesy Indiblogger
BTW the unanswered questions were passed on to the audience and I replied to one…and guess what, I won a gift for it πŸ˜€

QuizEvery one know the answers…all genius here !!! Pic Courtesy Indiblogger
The fun continued amidst loads of jokes cracked and some more apps were discussed. While they were talking about ‘Dream Apps’, Chef Vikas shared this lovely incidence about his ‘Bhiji’ (Grandmother) and his conversation over phone. Do check it out and know what according to Chef Vikas will be a Dream App for him πŸ™‚

The audience was given a chance to share their ‘Dream Apps’…some wished for practical Apps like the one related to Voting, or for updates on car pooling. Some wished for an App that could tell about whats going on in minds of people (So scary it would be!) and one went to the extent of wishing an App that would sort the perfect guys (and gals :-P) with best of qualities! I too got a chance to share my wish and I said that my dream app would be one which would give me a list of corrupt and cheat cops . And voila! I won a prize for that too πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
We also had a ‘techie contest’ in which we had to take photos of four things, just to compare how Nokia Camera can do better job than any other phone camera πŸ™‚

  • Clue 1: It is a cookie but also a game ( Angry bird’s cookie )
  • Clue 2: A sign that can save your life ( Fire Exit)
  • Clue 3: A phone with a camera with maximum pixels (Nokia 808 Pureview)
  • Clue 4: A thing with maximum crystals (The giant chandelier )

It was hilarious! The way bloggers rushed from one end to other to be the first to capture all the four things, was a sight to see !

Obviously every single moment couldn’t be shared here, but to sum up the whole event, it was great fun. Since Indiblogger team completed 5 successful years, it called for the celebration.


The yummy cake! Pic Courtesy Indiblogger

So there was a huge cake and everyone was called upon for cake cutting and for a group picture. I was asked to cut the cake ( and eat it too πŸ™‚ ). I felt so honored and happy, being the center of attraction !
The evening was coming to an end and we all headed towards the banquet hall. Each one wanted to get clicked with the handsome hosts and so did we. The hosts obliged to every request and were also mingling very freely and warmly with everyone around.


We the Indibloggers! Pic Courtesy Indiblogger

Finally we had a lovely dinner and oh! the great chocolate Mousse for dessert (there were many things to eat around ).

And if you think that was all for the exciting evening, then you are perhaps incorrect. We got complimentary Tshirts, Angry Bird cookies, Greeting cards and Candies courtesy Indiblogger and Nokia. And finally the best and most cherished moment of the day  occurred, while bidding a goodbye to Chef Vikas. He kissed my forehead and blessed me to have a successful and happy life ahead. Just Amazing!!!!

Angry bird cookiesAngry Bird Cookies !

Thanks to each one of you who worked hard to make this event happen, thanks to the wonderful hosts, and a big Thanks to my father for taking me there!

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